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Welcome to Chronicled Beauty! January 26, 2013

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Hello, friends!  So in an effort to make things more accessible, this blog is where the bulk of my posts will be from now on. I will be reviewing beauty products, giving tips and tricks, giving product raves and even let you know things I have purchased that weren’t so great and won’t be bought again, along with MUCH, MUCH more!  I will take you along trip to workshops, trade shows, fashion adventures and loads of events. There will even be a few tidbits about fashion and hair as well!  My whole idea here is to take you through my beautiful (no pun intended) journey of the makeup industry. In no way do I intend to push products on anyone or say my way is the right way but I just want to share my opinion and the expertise I have come to gain from experience, research and LOTS of trial and error!  If after any posts you have any question, comments or anything at all leave it below!!!  Feedback is always welcomed – the good, the bad and the ugly!

As I’m heading out the door soon to attend an open house at 37 East for a catering company called Quality Catering and The Gallery, I will bring you all along to the event!  Check back tomorrow for pictures and my experience!

Please check out their website at for more information about them!


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