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Street Style – New York Fashion Week 2013 February 9, 2013

Fashion Week is in full effect in New York as we speak and as much as most enjoy watching the new styles of the runway, I can’t get enough of the Street Styles that the show-goers are flashing on the sidewalks of New York!  While I do like to view the new collections from top designers, and wishing I could be there all the same, I LOVE to see how everyday women take their own style to the runway shows.  It’s about being comfortable and WEARABLE to me.  So here are a few of my favorite looks that ladies are wearing during Fashion Week 2013 on the streets of NY.






New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style (1)

New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style (2)

New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style (3)

New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style New-York-Fashion-Week-Street-Style-Spring-2013 nyfw Fashion-Week-Street-Style-New-York-Spring-2013


I love this casual look with a red lip to add a little drama!

I’m loving the natural makeup with a pop of pink/red color for the lips- it’s so fresh and relaxed!

Would you rock these outfits?  I want to know your thoughts and any feedback is welcome!!

Until next time 🙂



Fashion Feature: Pieces Boutique February 6, 2013



Pieces Boutique is located in Uptown Martinsville, VA and owned by the beautiful Ashley Simpson.  This amazing boutique has been open since 2005 and has done so well in our small community!!  In the town of Martinsville unique clothing boutiques that cater to the fashion-friendly are few and far between but Pieces is doing it just RIGHT.  They have such a wide variety of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc to suit EVERY woman, no matter the age!

I like to say they bring “the big city” trends to our small town.  I’ve never been the type of girl to wear the most trendy clothing, or even get out of my usual blue jeans and t-shirt too often.  While I still enjoy my lounging clothes, Pieces has introduced me to a more trendy closet that grows by the shipping loads that enter the boutique!  The unique vibe of Pieces is unbeatable around here and it’s brought a new sense of style and a fresh look to this town!!



Check out this rack! Everything on it is PERFECT for Valentine’s Day!











Have to show off the mustache scarf!

Over the last few months Ashley, Bronwyn and I have grown to have such a beautiful professional relationship and personal friendship! They both inspire me to step out of my comfort zone with fashion and try things I usually wouldn’t have and I can only hope to do the same for them both!  They are both such a delight to work with when I can get the honored opportunity and they both have such a beautiful sense of style and vision. 

Bronwyn and Ashley

Bronwyn and Ashley

They receive new shipments of clothing, jewelry, shoes, etc. on a weekly basis so be sure to check them out online or in store each week!

 I hope you ALL can either go into the boutique yourself or visit their re-vamped website at

Also, check out Pieces Facebook page at for new items and get the chance to see customers styling their new digs and the amazingly gorgeous Ashley and Bronwyn modeling clothing and accessories!

Store hours

Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 to 5:30
Saturday 10:00 to 4:00


Telephone: 1 (276) 806-7649